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Element+ Non-electric dual temperature bidet attachment

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Element+: The dual temperature bidet attachment

Our temperature controlled bidet that easily installs under your existing toilet seat. Delivering perfect washes thanks to dedicated rear and front nozzles with intuitive pressure control, you’ll never go back to wiping with TP. Better hygiene, happier you.

  • Rear and front washes
  • Retracted and covered nozzles for sanitary protection
  • Self cleaning nozzle system
  • Adjustable water temperature
  • Hot water connection parts provided
  • **Requires access to your sinks warm water line
  • Individual temperature and pressure control dials
  • Thin, modern design
  • NO electricity or power needed
  • Super quick and easy install
Compare Element and Element+
Features Element $79 Shop Element+ $99 Shop
Retracted Rear and Front Nozzles
Precision Control Dial
Self-Cleaning System
Quick and Easy Install
NO Power Needed
1-Year Warranty & 90-Day Trial
Dual Temperature Washes
Temperature Control Dial
How does Element+ connect to warm water?
In order to get warm water washes you will need access to your sink’s warm water supply. We provide the necessary connections and attachments for a simple install.
Is the water Element uses clean?
Yes! It is the same clean water used for your sink and shower. Fresh water is accessed using a t-valve that brings it directly to your Element for a perfectly fresh wash.
How do I dry off?
After you’re done washing simply pat dry with a few squares of toilet paper to finish the job. You will be reducing your TP usage by up to 75%! Some people use reusable washcloths for an even more sustainable practice.
Do I need an outlet to use Element?
Nope! No electrical outlet required. Element is mechanically powered, using the water pressure in your pipes to operate. Even low water pressure homes can use Element.
Do the nozzles “get in the way”?
Element’s nozzles are retracted and covered so you won’t contaminate them when not in use. Plus, we built in a self cleaning system so the nozzles are rinsed before each use.
See Tech Specs

- Durable ABS plastic
- Ceramic core internal valve

Included Components
- Stainless Steel 7/8" Cool Water T-Valve
- Stainless Steel 3/8" Warm Water T-Valve
- Durable braided metal cool water hose
- 6ft of High temp durable hot water tubing
- All necessary o-rings and plumbers tape

No electricity or batteries required

Adjustable toilet fit

- Main Body: 13.46”W x 5.55”D x .25”H
- Arm: 2.12”W x 6.79”D x 1.31”H

All accessories included for standard installation

One-year warranty

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Derek K.
United States United States
Poseidon’s Kiss… is worth it

This product was pretty easy to install, and feels better than I expected when using. Definitely gives you more of a clean feeling than if you were to not use it! Would highly recommend.

Jon L.
United States United States

I've never done anything plumbing-related, I was able to install this myself with minimal frustration. I miss using it when it's not available! Wish I'd gotten one a while ago.

Mollie H.
The Element is Gold

Gold has always been my favorite element. Gold metals, Golden retrievers, pots of gold, I love them all. While the Element is not made of gold it certainly meets the gold standard. I love the refreshing clean and, simple, sleek design. Stay gold, Element.

Therese F.
United States United States
LESS TP - more clean butts

I LOVE our Omigo. It's been a godsend especially with recent TP shortages in our community. Not only is it helpful in the age of scarcity, but my parts are cleaner than ever. You can control the flow so it's not too strong (just adjust it up slowly). I'm giving this 4 stars because my one complaint is that the "warm water" setting is only as warm as your regular water heater can muster from your sink. So... I guess it's not a criticism of Omigo at all, but a criticism of my own water heater! But, if you're like me and have a slow water heater, then your "warm water" will be far from it unless you leave the faucet running. Not at all Omigo's fault, though. But if it had its own internal water heater (electric or something) then it would be NEXT LEVEL. Unsure what the highest-end (heh! get it, high END... ok sorry I'm 5 years old inside) model is like, if it heats with an internal heater or works the same way as this version... but something to think about!

Jovanna L.
United States United States
Clean! No TP hoarding! Saving Trees!

It’s been a really good experience. Trying to get the kids adjusted to no TP life at home. Took me back to traveling in Europe and having that as an option! I have recommended to all my friends and family!

Toilet Shape Guide

To determine the shape of your toilet, measure from the front edge of your toilet bowl to the center of your bolt holes where your current seat attaches to the toilet. See the guide below to select your shape:

Elongated Shape Guide 18-19.5 inches Elongated most toilets
Round Shape Guide 16-17.75 inches Round
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