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Seat Riser

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Carex Toilet Seat Riser

Add 3 1/2 inches in height to your toilet with the Carex toilet seat elevator - great for assiting users with bending or sitting difficulties. Works in conjunction with your existing toilet and Omigo or OmigoSL bidet toilet seat with specialty mounting hardware included for a seamless installation.


  • Durable and solid construction
  • Secures easily to the bowl
  • Includes special mounting hardware compatible with Omigo and OmigoSL bidet toilet seats
  • Adds 3 1/2 inches of height to your toilet
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One (1) riser
Special mounting hardware for Omigo and OmigoSL bidet seats

Compatible With

NOT Compatible With

Materials Molded plastic

Seat Riser FAQs

Will this work if I have a round toilet?
The Carex riser works with both round and elongated toilets.
Is this Carex brand?
Yes, this is made my Carex. A trusted source for home care products.
Will this fit my toilet?

To determine the shape of your toilet, measure from the front edge of your toilet bowl to the center of your bolt holes where your current seat attaches to the toilet. See the guide below to select your shape:

Elongated Shape Guide 18-19.5 inches Elongated
Round Shape Guide 16-17.75 inches Round
We'll send you a reminder to measure.