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Bidet Hose Extension Kit

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  • Compatible with Bidet Seats
  • Compatible with Bidet Attachments

Bidet Hose Extension Kit

Do you have a Toto Aquia or Toto Pacifica toilet fixture? If so, then this bidet seat hose extension kit is just what you need to install your Omigo on your Toto fixture. Due to limited access to the fill valve on these toilet models, you'll need an extension hose to properly connect the T-valve and bidet hose to your water supply line at the toilet. This kit is compatible with all 7/8" ballcock connections (standard fill valve size for US markets).

  • Made for TOTO Aquia and TOTO Pacifica toilets
  • Also compatible with all standard ⅞” fill valves
  • 14.5 inch extension
  • Two ⅞ inch ballcock connection (one female, one male)
  • Compatible with Omigo and OmigoSL Bidet Toilet Seats
See Tech Specs

One (1) 14.5” hose extension
With two (2) ballcock connections (one female, one male)

Braided metal hose
Molded plastic male ballcock
Stainless-steel female ballcock

Compatible with
Omigo Bidet Toilet Seat
OmigoSL Bidet Toilet Seat

Compatible with with standard fill valves

Compatible with standard and alternative T-valves

Will this fit my toilet?

To determine the shape of your toilet, measure from the front edge of your toilet bowl to the center of your bolt holes where your current seat attaches to the toilet. See the guide below to select your shape:

Elongated Shape Guide 18-19.5 inches Elongated
Round Shape Guide 16-17.75 inches Round
We'll send you a reminder to measure.