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Alt. T-Valve

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The Alternative T-Valve is built for toilets with a fill valve that is inaccessible at the toilet tank. The Alternative T-Valve connects to the water supply shut-off valve at the wall instead of the toilet with no adverse effect on product operation and has a half inch connection for Bidet Seat hoses.

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One (1) alternative T-valve
Rubber washer

Materials Metal

Compatible With Most Shutoff Valves

Dimensions ⅜” x ⅜” x ½”

Bidet hose NOT included

Alt. T-Valve FAQs

Will this work with my toilet?
Alternative T-valves are compatible with most toilets that have a recessed or concealed fill valve on the toilet tank. For more information, visit this article: Accessing Your Fill Valve
Will this fit my toilet?

To determine the shape of your toilet, measure from the front edge of your toilet bowl to the center of your bolt holes where your current seat attaches to the toilet. See the guide below to select your shape:

Elongated Shape Guide 18-19.5 inches Elongated
Round Shape Guide 16-17.75 inches Round
We'll send you a reminder to measure.