The Omigo Luxury Bidet Toilet Seat Will Change Your Life (seriously)

The Omigo Luxury Bidet Toilet Seat Will Change Your Life (seriously)

The only bidet that
does it all!

Omigo is packed with every feature you want in a luxury seat.

✔ Warm Water Washes

✔ Heated Seat

✔ LED nightlight

✔ Warm Air Dryer

✔ In-Seat Safety Sensor

✔ Nozzle Oscillation

✔ Carbon Deodorizer

✔ Silver Ion Sterilization

90-Day Trial

If you don't love your new bidet, send it back.

Free Shipping

Pay for shipping? Fughetaboutit!

Easy Self Install

No plumber and no special tools required.

Endless Warm Water Washes.
Complete Customization.

When we say endless, we mean it.

The Omigo has a built in Ceramic Water Heater for warm water at the touch of a button.

Customize your wash with adjustable water pressure, spray width, temperature, and location.



"I've never done anything plumbing-related, I was able to install this myself with minimal frustration. I miss using it when it's not available! Wish I'd gotten one a while ago."

- Jon L.

"You gotta try this thing!


Amazing! I know that bidets are a foreign concept here in the USA, but Europeans have been using the forever! Try it! You will feel clean afterwards, guarantee! Say goodbye to TP hoarding, and try a bidet!"

- Maureen M.

The power is in your hands.

The Omigo is controlled by a wireless remote that gives you the option to change your settings at the touch of a button.

The bidet "magic wand" if you will.

Ready to start washing?

(Your butt will thank you.)

DIY installation in 20 Minutes

We engineered Omigo for at home installation with NO PLUMBER needed.

Learn more here!

Sanitary and safe.

The stainless steel nozzles stay tucked away inside the bidet while you're taking care of business.

Then a self-rinsing-system cleans the nozzles before and after each wash.

Plus you have the option for a silver ion infused nozzle rinse for extra peace of mind.

We know, it's awesome!

True Luxury

It's the difference between a luxury vehicle and an economy car. They might both get you there, one just feels better and lasts longer (that's us).

Get Cleaner.
Feel Better.

You might be thinking "It can't be that simple."
But it is.

If you really think about wiping with toilet paper, it's kind of gross. Why do we use dry paper to smear everything around? Fresh water works so much better, it's not even close.

When you're done washing with your Omigo you feel like you just stepped out of the shower, fresh as a daisy.


Believe the hype,
ditch the wipe.


Sold out