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Omigo Bidet Toilet Seats. Washing Perfected.

Replace your old seat with an Omigo bidet and get custom clean.

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Warm Water Washes

A built-in ceramic water heater provides endless warm water on-demand. Four temperatures to fit your needs:
Water Temperature
  • LOW
  • HIGH

Spray Width

You select:

  • Narrow - Precise & powerful
  • Medium - Crisp & Controlled
  • Wide - Soft & Soothing

Adjustable Pressure

Instantly change the pressure at the touch of a button:


Rear and Front Nozzles

Two stainless steel nozzles, each with 7 positions to find your perfect spot.

Plus on-demand active oscillation for a massaging "back and forth" wash.

Rear and Front Nozzles
With 504 possible wash combinations,
we know you'll find your perfect clean.

Remote Controlled

Every function is controlled using a convenient wireless remote. Don't worry, you'll get the hang of it after a wash or two.


Warm Air Dryer

The built-in warm air dryer provides a crisp breeze adjustable to three temperatures.

Eliminate your TP usage or use it to finish up after a pat dry.

Air Dryer

Carbon Filter Deodorizer

Eliminate odors by pulling air out and through an activated carbon filter instead of cloaking them in perfumes.

Self-Cleaning Nozzles

Omigo automatically cleanses your stainless steel nozzles with fresh water before and after each use.

Plus on-demand rinsing of your nozzles with silver ion infused water for extra peace of mind.

DIY Installation

We build our bidets with easy installation in mind so you can install Omigo in about 20 minutes.

No plumber. No special tools.

Simple Installation

Comfortable Heated Seat

With four settings to fit the seasons, our core-heated seat makes for a cozy commode every time - and available eco-mode to reduce power consumption when not in use.

Touch Intelligent

An integrated seat sensor means Omigo's wash functions only operate when contact is present.

Comfortable Heated Seat

Four settings to fit the seasons, our core-heated seat makes for a cozy commode every time.

Available eco-mode to reduce power consumption when not in use.

Comfortable Heated Seat

Contact Safety Sensor

We placed a contact sensor in the seat so Omigo's wash functions only work when you're sitting down.

Solid Construction & 3-Year Warranty

Omigo was built to last with top quality components, sittable lid, and soft close hinges for a smooth silent finish.

All backed by a 3-year warranty, with an optional 5-year upgrade.