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Every Woman Needs A Bidet

5 Reasons Every Woman Should Own A Bidet

5 Reasons Every Woman Should Have a Bidet

We know that down-there-self-care is important, so we're here to address the top reasons every woman needs to own a bidet.

1. Periods.

When it’s that time of the month, we could all use a little extra care down there. Sometimes things can get a little messy... and smelly. So wouldn’t you want the option to feel shower-fresh (minus the whole showering thing) in the middle of the day?

When you have an Omigo you can wash your butt AND vagina clean to keep you fresh and feeling your best after each trip to the bathroom.

2. Sexual Hygiene and UTI Prevention

Sex is great. Cleaning up after sex, isn’t always great. During intercourse there are plenty of chances for bacteria from our butts to move down into our vaginas, enter our urinary tracts, and cause infections that are painful and expensive to fix. Not to mention that JUST WIPING after pooping (no sex involved) can cause the same thing to happen.

With an Omigo bidet you can put your worries to bed, with a dedicated front wash that sprays softly-aerated warm water, cleaning you from front to back. Washing you properly, helping to prevent bacteria from traveling which lowers your risk of infection.

So skip the shower, ditch toilet paper, and wash with Omigo.

"Best purchase ever!!!"

"I love my omigo! Makes using the restroom such pleasant experience. It is a game changer! Also it made my "ladies days" go by so much smoother and cleaner. Thank you Omigo!!!"

- Anastasiya M.

What is your favorite feature of the Omigo?  

Feminine Wash

3. Pregnancy Part I: Prenatal

Growing a human is incredible, and it can be incredibly uncomfortable. Getting clean with toilet paper is hard enough (yah know because it’s thin, dry paper), let alone when you’ve got a watermelon strapped to you like a fanny pack.

Using all that toilet paper can be irritating and reaching down gets harder by the day. Washing with fresh water is cleaner and far more gentle, plus the Omigo bidet seat is remote controlled and has a built-in air dryer to finish the job. I know, “say less”.

4. Pregnancy Part II: Postpartum

People always seem to leave out postpartum when they talk about pregnancy. They don’t tell you about the constipation, diarrhea, or hemorrhoids that you take home along with your newborn - all of which can be very painful, and messy. Add in stitches and life on the toilet can become anxiety inducing real quick.

Having a bidet when you’re on the mend is the best way to stay clean, comfortable, and healthy during postpartum healing. The Omigo adjusts to 3 widths and 5 pressure settings so you can have as gentle or firm a wash as you need.

5. It's just better

Flat out, toilet paper just doesn’t get the job done right when we need it most. It’s scratchy, costs way more than it should, and is terrible for the environment. We’re talking 36 gallons of water per roll of TP terrible for the environment.

You don't need to be on your period, sexually active, or pregnant to enjoy the benefits of a bidet.

Doesn’t washing with water make so much more sense now?

Bonus: It feels good...

Something people forget to mention - washing with a bidet can feel good to some women. Who knew??

Ready to start washing?

(Your vagina, and butt, will thank you.)