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The United State(s)
of toilet paper
The environmental impact of TP production is probably bigger than you thought.
The average american

The average american

uses 100 Rolls

of toilet paper per year

The United States uses

The United States uses

36.5 BILLION rolls

of TP annually

It takes 15 MILLION

It takes 15 MILLION

trees, cut and pulped,

for all that TP

That's 437 BILLION

That's 437 BILLION

gallons of water needed

to provide the US with TP

Sparing the square may seem like a small thing, but it sure adds up to help our planet.

As a proud member of 1% for the Planet, Omigo donates a portion of every sale to global environmental causes. Because if there's one thing we care about more than clean butts and bidets, it's helping to protect our Earth.

Not convinced?

So, toilet paper wastes trees, water, and electricity?Yes, and it’s killing our planet… Up to half of the pulp used to make toilet paper in the US is a product of tree farms either from South America or right here at home. The rest is looted from ancient, second growth forests that are essential in absorbing carbon dioxide and trapping heat gas – you know, to prevent like global warming, rising sea levels, melting ice caps.

Bidets use dramatically less water.Bidets only use about a pint of water per wash. Toilet paper requires at least 37 gallons of H2O just to produce one roll. One. Roll.

What about wet wipes?What about them? Most of these polypropylene plastic disasters won’t break down after you’ve flushed them. They’ll collect in your septic tank and public waste lines and can cause damage that is both extensive and expensive. Also, they tend to snowball with grease, fat, and whatever else is lurking around the dark corners of your public waste complex until they form blockages called Fatbergs. That’s right, Fatbergs are costing us millions of taxpayer dollars each year in damage repairs.

Washing is better for our Earth and better for our butts.