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Meet the Element Toilet Seat Attachment

Meet the Element
Omigo Toilet Seat Attachment

Meet the Element
Omigo Toilet Seat Attachment

The Element changes everything!

Feel cleaner, happier, and more comfortable cleaning down there with fresh water.

It's like you just stepped out of the shower. Two nozzles for front and rear washes so everyone can get the clean they need.

Built slim and sleek.

The Element is designed to blend into your bathroom and doesn't lift up your seat.



"I've never done anything plumbing-related, I was able to install this myself with minimal frustration. I miss using it when it's not available! Wish I'd gotten one a while ago."

- Jon L.

"You gotta try this thing!


Amazing! I know that bidets are a foreign concept here in the USA, but Europeans have been using the forever! Try it! You will feel clean afterwards, guarantee! Say goodbye to TP hoarding, and try a bidet!"

- Maureen M.

Fresher than Fresh Prince.
Cleaner than Mr.Clean.

It's like the difference between a luxury vehicle and an economy car. They might both get you there, one just feels better and lasts longer (that's us).

Element is built with ceramic, brass, and nylon re-enforced unibody internal components. Plus it comes with an all metal t-valve and pressure tested metal braided hoses.

The big box stores? They skip this step and use cheap plastic bits.

Ready to start washing?

(Your butt will thank you.)

90-Day Trial

If you don't love your new bidet, send it back.

Free Shipping

Pay for shipping? Fughetaboutit!

Easy Install

No plumber and no special tools required.

No electricity and no plumbing.

It's just that simple - no power required and no need to call the plumber.


Sanitary and safe.

The nozzles stay tucked away and guarded by a plastic shield when not in use.

Plus a self-rinsing-system cleans the nozzles before and after each wash.

Want warm water? Try Element+!

The original Element offers a perfect front and rear wash with an ambient water temperature - aka the same temperature as your tap water.

Upgrade to the Element+ for the option to connect your sinks warm water line for a heated wash whenever you want.

Believe the hype,
ditch the wipe.

(ambient water temperature)

Sold out

(warm water temperature)

Sold out