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The 4-Minute Installation Video

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Easy Installation

DIY Bidet Attachment Installation. No Plumber Necessary.

The 6-Step Installation Guide

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Prep your toilet:

Remove your existing toilet seat, then turn off the shut off valve and drain the tank by flushing the toilet. Disconnect the water supply hose from the toilet tank fill valve.

Tip: You may need a wrench to disconnect the water supply hose. Use a container or towel to catch any excess water.

Install your T-valve:

Connect your T-valve to the toilet tank fill valve, then reconnect the water supply hose to the bottom of the T-valve and connect one end of the bidet hose to the open side of the T-valve. Be sure to hand-tighten only to avoid stripping the connection threads.

Tip: Use the provided thread tape to create a watertight seal on all thread connections.

Install your Element+:

Place your Element+ on the back of the toilet so the nozzles are centered in the bowl then line up the adjustable brackets with the bolt holes. Place your toilet seat on top of your Element+ and secure it using the original hardware. Connect the open end of the bidet hose to the cool water inlet on your Element+ (the one closest to the Omigo logo).

Connect to the sink:

Close the shut off valve to your sink’s warm water line and install the ⅜ inch T-valve to the hot water connection under your sink. Connect the warm water line to the T-valve.

Connect to Element+ warm water inlet:

Slide the pressure cap over the open end of your warm water line and insert the connector into the opening. Attach the open end to the warm water inlet.

Tip: Make sure the warm water line is fully inserted onto both connectors for a watertight fit.

Final checks and steps:

Check that connections are properly secured, turn on each shut off valve slowly while checking for leaks.


For a full list of detailed instructions, please consult your user manual or visit our Help Center.

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