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Element Bidet Attachment. Washing simplified.

Element goes underneath your toilet seat for an instant bidet upgrade.

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Wash your way

Stop Wiping!

Are you still reaching down with toilet paper to clean yourself?
Get cleaner and feel better after washing with an Element bidet.

Rear and Front Nozzles

Rear wash has a perfect angle for everyone’s backside and front wash has a softer spray that is angled slightly forward.

Complete Pressure Control

Adjust a full range of pressure options from a light spritz to full pressure, you control each wash for a personal level of clean.

Precise Pressure

Easy to Operate

Featuring large easy grip dials with clear text so anyone can give their backside the clean it deserves.

Intuitive Design

Self Cleaning

A self-cleaning system is built into the controls so nozzles are rinsed before and after each wash.

Covered and Protected Nozzles

Nozzles stay tucked away behind a protective plastic barrier when not in use to prevent contamination.

Self Cleaning

Retracted and Covered

Out of sight, out of mind. The nozzles stay tucked away when not in use to prevent contamination.

Built to Last

Durable construction, ceramic internal valves, and the best metal components means Element will deliver perfect washes for years.

Element fits neatly underneath your toilet seat.

The simple fresh water connection also provides the needed pressure to power your new bidet, no electricity required.

No plumber. No special tools.