Hey, we get it.

It’s weird to talk about the bathroom.

It's even weirder to think about changing something you've done the same way, forever. Grandma was skeptical of the iPhone, but now she's snapchatting tweets on Amazon Prime.

The future always seems weird, at first.

But if you think about it, what's truly odd is the caveman-like way we go about cleaning ourselves after the dirtiest moment of our day. In a hygiene-obsessed culture can you believe we use dry paper and our hands? I mean, come on! If your car was filthy you wouldn't rub it with a dry towel and call it spotless. That's nuts.

That's what we love about Omigo

It's an elegantly obvious solution to an ancient problem.

It's simple. At least for you! Years of research, tech, and testing went into building this ingenious little life-hack that just snaps onto your toilet. You don't have to care about the marvel of engineering you're sitting on— just press the remote and enjoy being washed and dried.

It's the only way to truly get clean after the bathroom, outside hopping into the shower.

Trust us, future you will thank you.

And the fact that it has a substantial impact in saving the environment is a big bonus.

Feeling good about feeling clean is a feeling we love feeling. That's a lot of feels, but it's true. It sounds silly, but we're passionate about helping folks live cleaner, healthier, and happier lives.

We're dedicated to making the toilet less taboo and giving people a clean start.

A remarkably better bathroom experience is a little weird at first, but give it a try. Give it a week, a month— heck, you have 90 days to decide you love it. We know it only takes a short while to go from being a skeptic to an Omigo Evangelist, just like us.

Join us, and the washed masses, in welcoming the future.

You'll be glad you did.

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