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What is a Bidet Used For?

Bidets are gaining popularity in the United States, but for many Americans, they're still an unfamiliar concept. If you’re reading this, it means you’ve probably been asking yourself “what is the purpose of a bidet?” or “what’s a bidet used for?” Never fear, we’re here to flush away any confusion you might have about bidets.

The purpose of a bidet

To start, here’s what a bidet is not used for: washing your feet, washing fruit and veggies, washing your car—the list goes on and on. Although the intended uses of a bidet seems like a short list, we guarantee that your life will be better with one in your bathroom.

To put it simply, the purpose of a bidet is to wash your backside after going number 2. Bidets deliver a hygienic stream of water—leaving you feeling shower-fresh in a way that toilet paper can't. And, no, the water and nozzles don’t go “up there”—unlike a douche or an enema, bidets are designed to wash only the surface of your skin.

While washing your bum is a bidet’s main purpose, some models come equipped with a front wash feature as well. This is especially helpful for those with vaginas. According to Women’s Health Magazine, a frontal or feminine wash from a bidet may help “to reduce the spread of (vaginal) bacteria” that can cause UTIs.

People who've recently given birth may especially benefit from this front wash feature—since wiping after childbirth may irritate skin or delay healing. Washing with a bidet postpartum can be easier than wiping and helps avoid abrasive toilet paper. Talk to your doctor about using a bidet after pregnancy to see if it's right for you.

Fantastic features

Now that you know what bidets are used for, you might be wondering exactly what their features are. The answer will vary slightly depending on what kind of bidet you’re interested in. Whether you invest in a bidet seat, a bidet attachment, or a portable travel bidet, we have the inside scoop on what you can expect with each one.

Features of bidet seats

If you’ve been eyeing a bidet seat, that means you’re a fan of all the bells and whistles (as you should be!). Because they’re typically electronically powered, these toilet seat replacements often come with a range of luxurious features like a heated seat, a night light, and a warm-air dryer. Better still, bidet seats usually have a way to customize your washing experience at the push of a button.

A bidet seat, like the Omigo Luxury Bidet Toilet Seat, is equipped with a wireless remote. You can consider this your personal Mission Control. You may opt to use Omigo’s convenient “Let’s Go!” button, which triggers our pre-programmed two-minute wash and dry experience. For a more personalized wash, use the remote to adjust your water temperature, spray width, nozzle position, and wash time to suit your fancy. Found your perfect settings? Save them with a tap of the finger to get your custom wash every time you take a seat on the throne.

Need to cover your tracks? Omigo has a built-in charcoal deodorizer that removes unpleasant smells rather than covering them up with air freshener—badda bing, badda boom—no one will ever know you were in the bathroom.

Features of bidet attachments

Bidet attachments can be installed right under your existing toilet seat. They clean just as well as a bidet seat, but their features are slightly different. Because bidet attachments are non-electric, they have knob controls rather than a remote.

Once you’ve “dropped the kids off at the pool”, a slight turn of the knob engages the self-cleaning feature of the bidet, allowing the unit to rinse the nozzles before rinsing you. From there, turn the knob to your desired washing strength to get clean like never before.

Features of travel bidets

Travel bidets are relatively new to the scene—and they’re making a splash. Whether you're on the road, in the woods, or at a public bathroom, portable travel bidets make it easy to get that post-poop clean you crave.

We love the Omigo Collapsible Travel Bidet because of its compact size and easy portability. These bidets have a collapsible tank, which you can fill with warm or cool water, and a pop-up nozzle to help you get clean wherever you go.

Welcome to team bidet

Congratulations! Now that you've got a better understanding about what bidets do and what features they come with, it's time to give one a try. And don’t worry, using a bidet is easy-peasy lemon squeezy. Once you've experienced the sparkling-fresh feeling of a just-washed butt, you'll be ready to leave toilet paper behind (pun intended).

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