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How to Use a Bidet: Why a Bidet Toilet Seat is the Best Solution

Let’s get down to bidet basics. We’re talking the most basic of basics: how do you use a bidet? If you’re confused by the general idea, it’s understandable that you might panic at the thought of getting caught with your pants down, trying desperately to hit the right button to make it work. 

But there’s no need to fear. Once you try it for yourself, you’ll see that the proper way to use a bidet is about as intuitive as using a toilet without one! Let’s look at how and when to use a bidet.

When to use a bidet

There are different types of bidets, but one use is the same across the board: a bidet cleans your butt after you poop. If you have a vagina, you also might want to use a bidet with a front-wash feature to clean after you pee. A bidet wash is especially nice when you have your period or to freshen up and prevent UTIs after sex. In other words, you can use a bidet whenever you feel like cleaning up down there! 

Most people know the bidet’s main function. But bidets have plenty of other benefits! The soothing water of a bidet can be used to treat and prevent hemorrhoids, for example. A bidet can make using the bathroom easier for the elderly or pregnant because it eliminates the need to reach down and wipe. 

How to use a bidet

Because there are different types of bidets, let’s talk about how to use a bidet attachment first. A bidet attachment is generally operated with switches or buttons that control the water pressure of the spray. The amount of water pressure that you use is completely up to you, so adjust the spray until you’re comfortable. Some bidet attachments have temperature control features, too, so you can personalize your spray even more. However, because a bidet attachment is a relatively simple mechanism, it probably won’t have a drying feature. Use a few squares of toilet paper to pat the area dry once you’ve switched the spray off.

Now, onto how to use a bidet toilet seat. The basic steps still apply here — you’ll still adjust your pressure settings to suit your preference, spray away, and enjoy feeling fresh and clean. But because of the added functionality of the more high-tech bidet toilet seat, you have more options for how exactly you use your bidet.

The advantages of a bidet toilet seat

If you want maximum functionality from your bidet, a bidet toilet seat is the best solution. A bidet toilet seat replaces your existing toilet seat and opens up a new world of bathroom comfort. The added customization means you can adjust your nozzles to best suit your preferences. Many bidet toilet seats have self-cleaning features to keep the nozzles as clean as it keeps you. And some luxury bidet toilet seats have a dryer so you don’t need to reach down at all and can skip the toilet paper completely!

Consult your bidet toilet seat’s manual to program the customized settings that are right for your butt. Many bidet toilet seats let you save your settings so you always get the exact spray width, water temperature, and nozzle angle that you prefer. Don’t be intimidated by the technology — once you see for yourself how to use a bidet, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without one!

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