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How to Install a Bidet: A Guide for Omigo with Pictures

So you’ve decided to get a bidet attachment or bidet toilet seat. Congratulations! Now it’s time to get it all set up in your bathroom. You might be wondering how to install a bidet or worrying about how much to get a bidet installed by a professional. Don’t worry! We’re here to tell you how to set up a bidet, and the good news is that you can do it yourself. Whether it’s a bidet attachment or toilet seat, we’ll walk you through how to connect the bidet to your toilet. 

Prepare to install a bidet 

Before we get into how to attach a bidet, here’s how to prepare your toilet. 

  • Remove your existing toilet seat by lifting the hinge covers and using a screwdriver to remove the mounting bolts. This can be a little confusing since every toilet seat is different. If your fixture only has top-side access to the mounting bolts that hold the seat to the toilet, you may need top mount hardware


    Bidet Toilet - Seat Removal


    • Turn off the shut off valve and drain the tank by flushing the toilet. Disconnect the water supply hose from the toilet tank fill valve. You may need a wrench to disconnect the water supply hose. Use a container or towel to catch any excess water.


      Bidet Install - Shutoff Valve


      • Tip: If you’re installing an Omigo bidet toilet seat, you want to make sure you keep the old seat in case you move (or want to play a game of horseshoes with a giant.) Store your old seat in your Omigo bag!

      How to install a bidet spray attachment 

      Now let’s specifically talk about how to install a bidet attachment like the Element or Element+. The following steps will show you how to hook up this bidet to your toilet if you’re installing a bidet toilet seat, skip to the next section! For a detailed video, check out our step-by-step video installation guide here!

      • Connect your T-valve to the toilet tank fill valve, then reconnect the water supply hose to the bottom of the T-valve and connect one end of the bidet hose to the open side of the T-valve. (Tip for the Element or Element+: use the provided thread tape to create a watertight seal on all thread connections, and hand-tighten everything to avoid stripping the connection threads.)


        Bidet Install - T-Valve


        • Here’s how to hook up this bidet to the toilet: place the bidet attachment on the back of the toilet so the nozzles are centered in the bowl then line up the adjustable brackets with the bolt holes. Place your toilet seat on top of the bidet and secure it using the original hardware.


          Bidet Attachment Installation - Place Bidet


          • Connect the open end of the bidet hose to the cool water inlet on your bidet attachment.


            Bidet Attachment Installation - Attach Hoses


            • If you have a dual temperature bidet attachment like the Element+, here’s how to connect to warm water. (If you want to connect to cool water only, install the Hot Water Supply Cap on your warm water inlet, then skip to the last step.) Close the shut off valve to your sink’s warm water line and install the ⅜" T-valve to the hot water connection under your sink. Slide the pressure cap over the open end of your hot water flex tubing and insert the connector into the opening. Tighten the pressure cap. Reconnect the water supply hose to the top of the T-valve. (Make sure the warm water line is fully inserted onto both connectors for a watertight fit.) Connect the open end of the hot water flex tubing to the warm water inlet on your Element+. 


              Bidet Attachment Installation - Warm Water Line


              • Check that connections are properly secured, turn on each shut off valve slowly while checking for leaks. 

                How to install a bidet toilet seat

                Bidet toilet seats are going to replace your existing seat, so there are bound to be a few more steps involved. But not to worry, they were engineered with homeowner installation in mind, so anyone can install a toilet seat bidet without the aid of a plumber. Here’s how to attach a bidet toilet seat like the Omigo or OmigoSL. (If you’re a visual learner, click here for a step-by-step video explanation. )

                • Connect the T-valve to the toilet tank fill valve by placing the flat edge of the rubber washer into the T-valve with the raised lip facing up. Install the T-valve with the rubber washer to the bottom of your toilet tank. 


                  Toilet Seat Bidet Installation - T-Valve


                  • Connect the flexible water supply line coming from the wall to the bottom of the T-valve (Tip: Use a bit of Teflon tape to help create a watertight seal.)


                  Toilet Seat Bidet Installation - Hose Connection


                    • Connect the straight end (opposite of the 90 degree elbow) of the hose to the T-valve. Hand-tighten to secure, taking care not to strip the threads by over-tightening.


                    Toilet Seat Bidet Installation - Hose Connection to bidet


                      • Install the mounting plate by placing the adjustable mounting plate over mounting holes on the toilet; the rubber side faces down, curved edge faces toward the toilet tank. Place adjustable brackets flat side down in the center of the square opening in the mounting plate and insert mounting bolts through adjustable brackets and bolt holes. Slide rubber cone washer, flat washer, and then barrel nut onto mounting bolts under the toilet bowl and tighten to keep mounting plate in place.


                        Toilet Seat Bidet Installation - Base Plate Installation


                        • Connect the 90-degree elbow end of the bidet hose to your bidet toilet seat. Connect the bidet hose to the water inlet on the bidet.


                          Toilet Seat Bidet Installation - Hose Angle Attachment


                          • Attach your bidet toilet seat to the mounting plate by setting it flat on the toilet bowl in front of the mounting plate, and slide onto plate until it “clicks” into place. Once the seat is lined up properly, tighten barrel nuts to hold in place. Hand-tighten to secure, taking care not to strip the plastic screw threads. (Tip: If the seat appears too short or too long for the toilet, adjust the mounting plate accordingly. To adjust the mounting plate, loosen barrel nuts underneath the toilet and slide seat forward or backwards as needed.)


                            Toilet Seat Bidet Installation - Slide on bidet toilet seat


                            • To turn on the water supply and connect to power, open the main water supply slowly and check for leaks. Plug the power cord into the electrical outlet. Make sure your outlet is GFCI. You can purchase a GFCI adapter at your local hardware store or online, if needed. Use the cable clips to connect the power cord and bidet hose side-by-side for a tidier appearance.

                              • To set up the Omigo’s wireless remote, open the child-proof battery compartment by popping off the battery cover with a flat head screwdriver or small coin. Insert the four CR2032 batteries “+” side up and replace the cover. To confirm the batteries are installed correctly, press the Stop button and you should see LED lights turn on for a few seconds. (Optional: you can mount the remote control dock to the wall using the supplied screws and anchor mounts, or use the double stick tape on the back.)

                                Toilet Seat Bidet Installation - Bidet Remote


                                All set!

                                Hopefully this guide has helped you learn how to install a bidet. If you’ve gotten an Omigo product and need help installing it, though, we’re happy to help. Contact us with any questions and we’ll make sure you’re enjoying your new bidet lifestyle in no time. 

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