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How Much Water Does a Bidet Use and is it Warm?

Once you learn the benefits of washing with water in the bathroom instead of using toilet paper, you might have some follow-up questions about that water. Where does bidet water come from, anyway? Is bidet water warm or icy cold? How much water does a bidet use? And the darkest concern of all: do bidets use toilet water?! 

Let’s look at some basic bidet mechanics to answer these questions. But you can stop worrying about that last one — bidets do not use toilet water. I repeat: bidets do not use “toilet water!”

Do bidets use warm water?

First, let’s look at where bidet water comes from. All bidet attachments and bidet toilet seats source water from your pipes. That means that no, they don’t recycle any water that’s already been in your toilet bowl, and they don’t pull water from your toilet tank either. It’s the same fresh, clean water that you use to wash your hands or take a shower. Most bidets hook up to the valve behind your toilet, and others are attached to your sink’s water line. 

So, is bidet water warm? The answer to this one depends on the kind of bidet. A basic bidet attachment and handheld sprayers might not have a temperature control feature — don’t worry, the lack of bells and whistles doesn’t mean it won’t get the job done. If you aren’t interested in the temperature of the water, this kind of bidet attachment is an economical option. But temperature-controlled bidet attachments exist as well! These dual-temperature bidet attachments offer the option of warm water at a similarly budget-friendly price to a more basic bidet attachment. In this case, the cozy warm spray is achieved by connecting directly to your sink’s hot water line using the same type of t-valve that connects to your toilet's water supply line. This means that they’re non-electric, so you don’t need to worry about plugging them in. 

If you want super consistent, highly customizable warm water, your best bet is a high-tech electronic bidet toilet seat. These bad boys give users the option to choose the temperature of the water, on demand. If you’ve ever had the warm water run out on you in the shower, you’ll appreciate the temperature control here, which is managed electrically so it always meets your exact specifications. You can choose a refreshing splash of cool water in the hot summer months and a warm, soothing stream in the winter. 

How much water does a bidet use? 

Regardless of the temperature you’re washing with, you can rest assured that the amount of water a bidet uses is a drop in the bucket compared to your alternatives.

A typical bidet uses about ⅛ gallon of water per use. For comparison, the amount of water needed to flush a toilet is upwards of four gallons. Where a bidet really shines, though, is in water usage compared to toilet paper production. About 37 gallons of water are wasted producing just one roll of toilet paper! That’s just one of the reasons why a bidet is better for the environment than using toilet paper. 

Bidet water, then, is clean and eco-friendly. And, depending on the type of bidet you choose for yourself, it can be warm or cool, too.

The bottom line

Bidet water comes from the same source as the water you wash your hands with or take a shower in. It’s fresh and clean, never passing through your toilet tank or toilet bowl. As for the temperature of the water, that depends on the type of bidet you choose. If you want to choose if your spray is warm or cool, choose a temperature-controlled bidet attachment or highly customizable electronic bidet toilet seat

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