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Health Benefits from Using a Bidet

When you think about purchasing a bidet, health benefits might not be top of mind. You might just be thinking about helping the environment, saving money, or just enjoying a more comfortable bathroom experience. But there’s another reason to check bidets out: by using a bidet, health problems like hemorrhoids, constipation, and more can be greatly improved. Let’s look at some of the health benefits of using a bidet!

Bidet health benefits for sensitive skin

Dry skin is an uncomfortable, often painful condition in general. Dry skin in the anal area takes it to another level, causing itchiness, soreness, and even skin tears and bleeding in the last place you want to worry about. The medical term for this nuisance is Pruritus Ani, and toilet paper can make the situation worse by drying out the anus’s mucus membranes. Improperly wiping can make matters worse, because fecal residue can also irritate the area. A bidet can help prevent Pruritus Ani by cleaning the skin thoroughly and gently, without the abrasion of rough toilet paper. 

That kind of gentle cleaning can also help prevent hemorrhoids, the painful swollen veins that can cause even more itchiness, pain and discomfort. If you’ve got sensitive skin, try cleaning with water from a bidet attachment or bidet toilet seat and gently patting dry with toilet paper and experience the difference for yourself.  

Gastrointestinal, genital, and urinary tract health problems? A bidet can help!

In addition to the superior cleanliness that comes from using a bidet, health problems in the GI and urinary tracts can also be addressed. For instance, a bidet can help treat constipation, an issue almost everyone has to deal with from time to time. The pressure from a bidet can relax and stimulate the sphincter muscles, making a bowel movement easier. The straining from constipation can lead to other health issues, like anal fissures and rectal prolapse, so it’s helpful to treat constipation before it becomes a bigger problem. 

Another health problem that a bidet can treat is the dreaded UTI, which are caused by bacteria entering the urinary tract. A bidet can thoroughly clean the area, especially with a front wash feature that washes from front to back. 

A bidet is also great for general genital health. Washing with a bidet is especially useful after sex or for anyone on their period, and it can also help treat “jock itch” by keeping the area clean so bacteria can’t grow.

Bidets and general hygiene 

One key tenet to general health is keeping your dang hands clean! Hand-washing is central to preventing the spread of disease, but many people don’t wash their hands as thoroughly as they should. A bidet is a more sanitary option, cleaning thoroughly on every trip to the bathroom so you don’t have to use your hands to wipe the area but can instead just pat it dry once your bidet has done the dirty work of actually cleaning up. Or you can opt for a bidet with a dryer feature and never use your hands on the toilet at all!  

The bottom line

There are a lot of benefits for your health that come from using a bidet. Health risk assessments should be discussed with your doctor, of course, if you have a specific condition. But for the everyday hygiene and health of your skin, digestive tract, and general well-being, a bidet can offer a major upgrade. You won’t have to worry about annoying problems like itchiness, constipation, and UTIs anymore if you’re cleaning gently and thoroughly with a bidet. 

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