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Go All in with a Heated Toilet Seat Bidet

So you’ve decided to treat yourself to a bidet. Maybe you want to help the environment or maybe you want a more sanitary option than toilet paper. Whatever your reasoning, you’ve made up your mind and it’s time to choose your bidet. 

You could opt for a low-key bidet attachment if you want to keep things simple. But what if you want a little more luxury in your bathroom? That’s when you treat yourself to a heated toilet seat bidet. 

If you didn’t know that a bidet seat warmer was a possibility, we’re happy to introduce you to the world of the heated toilet seat bidet. Never fear the shock of a cold toilet seat on your skin again! A heated toilet with bidet functionality isn’t just the stuff of dreams bidet seat warmer technology is here to make sure your butt is comfortable, even on those cold winter nights. 

The Omigo bidet toilet seat is packed with features to turn every trip to the bathroom into a pampering. The Omigo has a remote-controlled heated seat with four temperature settings to toast your buns as much or as little as you’d like. The Omigo doesn’t use much electricity, and Eco Mode makes it even more environmentally friendly by turning the temperature down when not in use. The built-in safety sensor detects body weight, so it will heat it back up to your last selected temperature as soon as you sit back down. Not to forget that both the seat and lid on the Omigo are quiet-close which means you no longer need to hear your seat slam again!

If your bathroom has an outlet in it, an electric bidet warmer could be yours. Installation is easy just plug the cord in during installation and your toilet becomes the most comfortable seat in the house. (Properly rated extension cords are safe to use if your toilet is farther from an outlet.) Once it’s on, you’re ready for total temperature control. The Omigo, OmigoSL, and Element+ have the option for a fully heated bidet experience with adjustable temperature controls for the spray as well. From a cool splash of water in the summer months to a heated toilet seat in the winter, your bidet toilet seat can feel like a treat year-round.

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