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Do Bidets have a Dryer Feature?

One of the biggest benefits of a bidet is reducing your toilet paper use. That’s great for the environment and for your wallet! That fact can lead to some confusion, though. How do you get dry if you don’t use toilet paper? Do bidets have a dryer feature? The answer depends on what kind of bidet you get. 

Do all bidets have a dryer?

Not all bidets have a dryer feature. A bidet attachment is a simple, budget-friendly bidet that provides the benefits of washing without as many features as a more complex bidet toilet seat. Even at that, not all bidet toilet seats have dryers built in. Make sure to check the product features when you’re shopping for your bidet. 

How does a bidet dryer work? Here’s a quick look at the science behind drying your behind. The heating process is similar to what powers hairdryers, toasters, and electric stoves — it’s called resistive heating or Joule heating, the process by which an electric current passes through a conductive material (the resistor) and releases heat. In this case, electricity flows through metal coils that are wrapped around a structure. As the coils heat up, the motor turns the fan and forces air to flow past the coils and out of the air dryer flap. 

There are many reasons to choose a bidet toilet seat with dryer functionality. A dryer completely eliminates the need for toilet paper. That means it also eliminates the need for any reaching down at all, making your time on the toilet more convenient and more hygenic. Plus, it just feels good! After a splash from the bidet stream, warm air gently dries you off. It’s a major upgrade to life on the toilet. Going to the bathroom might become the best part of your day. 

What’s the best bidet with a dryer?

If you ask us, the best bidet with dryer functionality is the Omigo Full Featured Luxury Bidet Toilet Seat. (We might be a little biased.) Our full-featured flagship product is our favorite for a reason: it has everything you could ask for in a bidet toilet seat. 

Temperature control is on lock. In addition to its built-in warm air dryer, the Omigo offers adjustable water temperature and pressure with endless warm water. (No sudden shock of cold water like you might get in your shower!) Its heated seat keeps things extra comfy, while eco mode makes sure it’s not using too much electricity using a seat contact safety sensor. 

Other features include rear and front wash with seven nozzle positions and three spray widths to choose from, all controlled by a wireless remote. Its self-cleaning system includes silver ion sterilization for the nozzle, and the active carbon filter deodorizer eliminates any smells. There’s even an LED nightlight to guide you to relief in the middle of the night. 

The bottom line

A bidet with dryer functionality eliminates your toilet paper use and makes going to the bathroom better all around. Not every bidet has a dryer, so make sure to look for a bidet toilet seat with a dryer feature if you want a luxurious bathroom experience that helps the environment, too. 


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