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Bidet or Beday: Providing the Answers to a Commonly Misspelled Word

Let’s say you want to learn more about those fancy toilet devices that let you cut down on your toilet paper usage and feel shower-fresh after each trip to the bathroom. You try to consult the world wide web, but you’re faced with a new problem: how do you spell that word? Is it bidet or beday? Maybe buday or bedet? What does it mean, anyway?

We can help provide the answers to a commonly misspelled word: while many mistakenly type “bidae,” “buday,” or “beday,” B-I-D-E-T is how to spell “bidet.” And yes, it is pronounced more like “beday.”

You can blame your confusion on France, as the word bidet comes from the French word meaning “little horse” or “pony.” That’s because old-school bidets were basins of water on four legs that one would have to straddle as if going horseback riding!

Luckily, the bidet of today is much more comfortable to use. Whether you opt for a bidet toilet seat or a bidet attachment, there’s no straddling required — just sit down, relax, and let the bidet do its job. Bidet, beday, buday, bidae: it doesn’t matter. You can stop wondering “how do you spell bidet?” and start focusing on the easier stuff, like enjoying one yourself. 


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