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5 Ways Men Can Benefit from Using a Bidet

There’s a lot of stigma around the ways we use the bathroom. That’s why curious people ask the internet questions like “is a bidet for a man or a woman?” and “how to use a bidet (male).” So let’s look at the issue: what do men think about using bidet attachments and toilet seats? Are bidets for men?

We already have a helpful guide (How to Use a Bidet) to correct usage of a bidet toilet seat for men, women and people of all genders. That’s because everyone can enjoy the sanitary wash of a bidet. 

However, when it comes to using a bidet, men and trans people with penises can benefit in specific ways. Here are just five! 


1. Prostate Health

If you have a prostate, you’re at risk of developing bacterial prostatitis, a painful condition caused by infections in the prostate. Bacterial prostatitis can cause swelling, inflammation, UTIs, and all kinds of pain — in the lower back, between the genitals and anus, above the pelvic bone, or in the testicles. Yikes! Luckily, a bidet can help. A study published in the International Journal of Antimicrobial Agents showed that the clean, effective stream of a bidet can prevent prostate infection.


2. Helping out with unpleasant conditions

No one likes to talk about hemorrhoids or constipation, but the reality is that most of us deal with them at some point! A bidet is great for preventing and treating hemorrhoids. The pressure of a bidet can also assist with getting things moving when you’re constipated by letting small amounts of water into the anus. No matter the stressful issue in the bathroom, a bidet can probably help. 


3. Getting super duper clean

A bidet is the best choice for cleaning up in the bathroom. A bidet attachment or bidet toilet seat thoroughly washes your butt so all you have to do is dab with toilet paper or use a built-in drying feature to finish up. That’s especially good for those who are a little hairier — the entire area gets fully clean, so no odors or fecal matter end up sticking in hair particles. 


4. Washing before and after sex

Sometimes jumping into the shower before sex can kill the mood! A quick wash with a bidet is a convenient way to freshen up. Your partner will definitely appreciate the courtesy. After sex, the bidet is there for both of you to clean up. 


5. Soothing the dreaded “jock itch”

“Jock itch” is a fungus that causes a rash on the groin and anal regions of people with penises. As the name suggests, one symptom is itchiness, but it can also cause pain and odors. Jock itch is treatable with over-the-counter medication. When recovering from jock itch, it’s important to thoroughly clean the groin so bacteria can’t grow and thrive. The spray of a bidet is the best way to keep the area completely clean. 

The bottom line

Do men use bidets? They sure do! People of all genders enjoy the thorough clean of a bidet, and there are many specific benefits for men and trans people with penises. 

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