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Experience true comfort and a complete clean after every bathroom trip.

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Can you believe we STILL use our hands and dry paper to wipe ourselves?

Stop wiping. Start washing.

Omigo toilet seat replacement hero image top view closed

The future always seems weird at first

But we at Omigo think the passé practices of TP are inadequate and out of style. So we're here to change that. Let it be weird.

A hi-tech toilet seat replacement you easily install yourself.

Omigo simple toilet seat replacement animation

Here’s how this engineering marvel changes your bathroom experience forever:

Night Light

A soft illuminating blue light greets you. Who knew a toilet could look happy?

Heated Seat

Sit down to a gently warmed seat adjusted to your preference.

Warm buns!


A revolutionary activated carbon filter that actually eliminates odor.

Omigo carbon filter deodorizer feature

Warm Water Wash

When you’re ready, Omigo washes all the right places with an endless supply of warm water.

Unreal clean.


You control pressure, temperature, spray width, and everything else. It’s a completely customized experience.

Omigo personalization with pressure temperature width etc

No more wiping!

Air Dry

Nope, we’re not kidding. It actually dries you with warm air.

Remote Controlled

The only thing you have to touch.

Good for you, good for the Earth.

Spare the Square

Omigo eliminates the need for TP, saving trees, water, and electricity.

Omigo environmental impact toilet paper pile

The U.S. alone uses 36 billion rolls of TP every year.

The future of personal cleanliness is also great for our planet.


Raleigh, NC
Where have you been all my life?

I don't know why we haven't all been using something like Omigo for years, but it's about time everyone did! I always feel clean and fresh now, and it feels even better knowing that I'm using way less toilet paper. I love how adjustable my Omigo is, the little welcoming chime it makes when I sit down, the remote, and all the thoughtful details that make it a joy to use: warm water, warm air, adjustable water pressure and width, all the different ways I can move the nozzle. I miss it when I'm away from home and only wish I could take it with me everywhere!

Caitlin S
San Diego, CA
Warm buns

I was a little anxious at first but once we spent some time together I now can’t imagine my life without Omigo! You’re able to customize the settings to your liking and I now no longer have a freezing cold toilet seat for those quick trips in the middle of the night! I do not regret giving Omigo a chance!

Heated Seat
Raleigh, NC
What a wonderful surprise

What a wonderful surprise to find this in my rolfer's office bathroom after a session with him! I loved it ... Wondering how practical it is to adapt it into a normal household without having to do a lot of wiring and so forth?

Too Hard to Choose
Highland, NY

The Omigo gives off a subtle blue light that I immediately liked for that middle of the night bathroom trip- no more blinding overhead lights. Also, the warm toilet seat is going to be a game changer this winter! Having never used a bidet I was a little intimidated at first. Once I mustered up the courage to pick up the remote (rather than a wad of TP) and go for it I realized there is nothing to be afraid of unless a clean b-crack is scary.

LED night Light
Novato, CA
Cleaner and better

Incredible product! I don't think I can go back to a cold toilet with rough paper. I just feel cleaner after using my Omigo!

Remote Control
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