Omigo is the smart seat replacement that turns your toilet into a warm water wash, luxury bidet.

Better Hygiene. Happier You.
Our Story
Our Story
Father and son team behind Omigo, Tom and Thomas Lotrecchiano
Our Story

Like many Americans, we hadn’t thought too much about bidets or better bathroom hygiene, that is until we came face-to-face with a hi-tech Japanese toilet.

It only took a few washes to realize the error of our ways and inspire us to create something better. Read our story.

Meet Omigo.

It's all about hygiene.

Sit down to a heated seat, press deodorize and do what we all do, poop. Then hit rear wash and enjoy a custom experience - choose temperature, pressure, width and location. Press dry for a warm breeze of air to finish up, and walk away shower fresh.

Omigo in Detail
Meet Omigo.

New tech for a clean tush makes bidets appealing.


The Omigo is the toilet seat you never knew you needed.


Rejoice, Earth lovers: Bidets are environmentally friendly.

Why I Love Omigo

Warm water that is just extremely pleasant...

You feel so clean afterwards!

I really like that there's a remote... I like not having to reach around me.

My favorite features on the Omigo are the wash function and the warm water.

We wash our Hair Hands Dogs Dishes Cars Clothes . And wipe our butts?
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All that paper production takes:

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